Hardwood Flooring Contractors Ballard

We install all types of hardwood flooring in Ballard, Fremont, Shilshole, University District. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, Hardwood floor contractors Ballard can help you correct any imperfections on your hardwood floor. As Hardwood Flooring contractors in Ballard, we also build new staircases: hardwood installation for treads, risers, handrails, moldings, as well as repair or replace existing ones: stairs, baluster, railings. We also build or replace hardwood decks.

We Provide Hardwood Flooring Service in Ballard 7 Days per week, please call us at (206) 458-1898. We're here for your hardwood flooring Contracting services Ballard, refinishing Ballard, installation or replacement needs.

Hardwood Flooring Warranties

At Hardwood Flooring Contractors Ballard, our workmanship and installation comes with a 1-Year Warranty. Every flooring application we install comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. We will do our best to help you understand more about our warranties and how to care for your flooring properly. We install flooring that will stand the test of time. Should your hardwood flooring ever have issues, we are only a call away to solve any problems.

No matter what your needs are for Hardwood Flooring Contractors Ballard, Fremont, Shilshole Bay area, we can help you. We specialize in nearly every type of wood flooring. Whether bamboo flooring, engineered flooring, laminate, floating flooring, solid hardwood, sanding and refinishing, buff and recoat, gym flooring, and repairing. Whatever the job is, Hardwood Flooring Contractors Ballard can help you find the best solution.

Our Hardwood Flooring Contractors Ballard Provide:

  • Hardwood Floor Installations Ballard
  • New Hardwood Flooring Installs Ballard
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing Ballard
  • Hardwood Floor Sanding Ballard
  • Solid Wood Flooring Ballard
  • Engineered Wood Flooring Ballard
  • Laminate Flooring Ballard

Complete Hardwood Flooring & Refinishing Services in Ballard. Licensed, Bonded and Insured flooring contractors in Ballard, Wa.

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